Why Hire A Travel Mentor?

*-They know where to start 

*-They have the connections that save YOU money

*-They have the time that you don't

*-They have experience 

*-They don't only book your Travel they help you recognize your travel dreams

*-They provide personalized Tour Service

*-From the beginning to the end, you enjoy the Convenience and Expertise of having a Travel Mentor to work with. This is your Vacation, it shouldn't be stressful; it should be enjoyed every step of the way.  

*-To avoid being overwhelmed 

*-They love to serve you, and it feels great to be loved! :) 

*-They understand the rules of a successful vacation

*-They are resourceful and well-traveled Agents.

*-Sometimes, it's nice to have someone hold your hand through the process. 

*-They get paid to worry so you don't have to: No worries; this is your Vacation. Stress-free Vacation right here! :)

THEY are TravelTheUS Tours  Travel Mentors; they specialize in your Fun, Adventures, and Relaxation all within your budget.

What do TravelTheUS Tours Travel Mentors do for you?

1- They read the reviews so you don't have to

2- They provide customer advocacy - problem with a particular part of your travel experience, were here to act on your behalf.  

3- They work within your budget. - Whether you have $500.00 to spend or $5,000. YOU will gain priceless memories within your experience. 

4- They utilize their connections to save You money

5- They have you fill out a brief questionnaire to gain an understanding of your Dreams, Goals,  Budget, Needs, Passions, and what you value in your travel experience, through this information, they customize your perfect Vacation. 

6- Save you from the long list of Travel Web pages.

7- They provide the personal touch

8- They keep in touch From start to finish

9- They are your legs

10- They solve the anticipated problems before you leave and resolve issues during and after your trip. They have your back!

11- They have handpicked your Hotel, Tour Guide, destinations, and Tour package with great care.

12- Through their desire to be the #1 Tour company out there THEY strive for perfection. Through their perfection, you will receive greatness. 

THEY are TravelTheUS Tours  Travel Mentors; they specialize in your Fun, Adventures, and Relaxation.

Let's get started building your next adventure.

Send us an email traveltheustours@gmail.com 

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