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Our Tour Packages come with *Lodging~ One Night ~One room ~One great time. Paying Family and Group may stay in the same room/ Double, depending on your Tour inclusion and desires for your accommodations. Ask us about our Local rate without lodging. *Airport (within 15 miles) *Tour Shuttle service * Depending on the Tour you choose your meals may be included. *Tour of your choosing - Fill out a brief questionnaire this will help your personalized Travel Mentor to gain an understanding of your vision of the perfect Vacation, as we gain an understanding of your Dreams, your Goals, your Passions, Budget, and what you value in your Travel experience, we orchestrate all the details for your perfect vacation saving you time, and money through our connections and know-how we will build your memories within your Budget

leaving the stress to us.

These are your memories were building together they should be 

built your way every step of the way. 

We also offer already built basic packages. 

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TravelTheUS  Tours

WHY Travel?

  1. Travel Opens Your Mind

  2. Helps you gain a deep sense of satisfaction 

  3.  You will reconnect with Self and those you Love

  4.  You will have the opportunity to Discover and Learn

  5. You will find your Smile :) that was lost with the stress.

  6. YOU will Gain Insights by being exposed to new places and Nature

  7.  IF Success requires making good decisions, and Slowing down helps you make better decisions then wouldn't slowing down be profitable?

  8.  TO RELAX      YOU Will gain the opportunity to Laugh, let loose and Enjoy... Great way to stay mentally healthy

TravelTheUS  Tours


  • Family Vacations

  • Private Tour

  • Couple Getaways

  • Customized Tour built within your budget

  • Group Tours Group discounts starting @ 2 people. TravelTheUS  makes Travel affordable           ~Ask us about our Local rates with no lodging~

TravelTheUs Tours

WHERE we hand you the pen to


We build Memories within your Budget.

TravelTheUS believes every person's life can become better by going on a Vacation. That every Dream Imagined, Believed in, and Acted upon,

will come true.

Your ADVENTURE Begins HERE click Learn More :) 

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Our Mission

TravelTheUS believes every person's life can become better by going on a Vacation. That every Dream Imagined, Believed in, and acted upon, will come true. Because we feel all dreams should be experienced. No matter how much money that person has in their bank accounts, we Will donate 5% from every Adventure Package we Sale for a Child and their Family, to go on a Vacation.
We sincerely appreciate and thank all of our clients, who have contributed to our mission. Ensuring every child has the opportunity to experience a Vacation with their Family, by your generous gift as you matched our 5% and gave an additional 5% to go towards providing a Family Vacation. THANK YOU! :)
 If you would like to join us and make a dream come true by providing a vacation for a child and their Family, please donate here. Much appreciation and Love to you for your kindness and compassion. THANK YOU! :)
 OR You could Bless your life at the same time by taking yourself and/or a loved one on a getaway.

Time = Love      YOU will have the option to donate 5% at the time of your booking.

If you know of a Child who may benefit from our Help Please let us know.

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